Skies does art!

Hi there, I'm Skies! I love bringing characters to life through expressive poses and colorful shading. I primarily work with furry and anthro-shaped bodies, but I am open to try anything.I offer both digital and traditional commission types!Thanks for browsing!

Commission Types

Icons | $35 USD

☁ Icons come shaded with clean colored lines
☁ Will include simple backgrounds with gradients or sketchy details (such as hearts and sparkles)

Sketchy Illustration
$35 Bust | $45 Half | $55 Full

☁ Comes with soft textured shading
☁ Will include a prop upon request
☁ Will do up to 3 characters in one image,
$20 per new character

Clean Illustration
$65 Half | $75 Full

☁ Comes with detailed cel shading
☁ Will include a prop upon request
☁ Will do up to 3 characters in one image,
$25 per new character
may add on for design complexity

Character Designs/Redesigns
$80 USD

☁ Will do anthro, feral, or human characters
☁ Please provide species ideas, themes, and/or moodboards
☁ Comes with front view ref sheet pointing out details and colors
☁ Add-Ons:
$10 per extra headshot/expression
$15 for +2 outfit ideas
$30 for back view

Reference Sheet
$75 USD

☁ Comes with flat front & back view,
pointers for relevant information, and color palette
☁ Add-Ons:
$10 per extra headshot/expression
$15 for +2 outfit ideas
$15 for inventory of ~5 items
$35 per extra flat illustration (incl. outfits)
may add on for complexity

Boba for embermayrise on TH

Full Painted Scene
starting at $100 USD

☁ Comes with dynamic atmospheric shading and
digitally painted background
☁ Willing to do up to 5 characters
☁ Please inquire so we can talk about your idea and discuss pricing!

Traditional Commissions

I can provide commissions using a variety of mediums, including pen illustrations, watercolor paintings, alcohol marker illustrations, and acrylic paintings. Only my simpler illustrations are flat price, please contact me for inquiries about paintings!I will scan all traditional pieces for your digital use, but I am also happy to mail pieces upon request for the cost of shipping.

Pen Illustrations
starting at $25

Please note: the examples above were for a very specific Drawtober setting last year, please see my digital comm page for current examples of my anthro and humanoid art!☁ Includes crosshatch pen shading
☁ Will do simple portraits or complex scenes
☁ Will add a pop of color using watercolor inks (no charge)
☁ Can do up to 3 characters, +$15 per character

Alcohol Marker Illustration
Bust $30 | Half $35 | Full $45

☁ Includes inking and shading
☁ Only simple portraits for these illustrations (no backgrounds or scenes)
☁ Can do up to 3 characters in one piece, +$10 per character

Please inquire about painting commissions!


I take payment for all my commissions in advance. If paying with USD, you must be comfortable with using PayPal invoicing. Invoices that go unpaid for longer than 1 week will be canceled.You may contact me at the following locations:
dawnsnail on Discord
gummifrog on
In your first message, please let me know:
☁ What commission type would you like
☁ Which characters you would like the
commissions for (TH links or ref sheets please!)
☁ Any details regarding expressions, posing, props,
add-ons, etc. for your commission
By contacting me, you agree to my TOS as linked in the header above.

Terms of Service

While I will never take back a design or art piece once it's finished, if these rules are broken and I am made aware, I will blacklist you from any future commissions or purchases from me.GENERAL COMMISSION TERMS:
☁ Payment is in USD via PayPal only. I do not provide payment plans.
☁ My commission turnaround varies up to 3 months. I am always happy to answer questions about progress, but please keep in mind that depending on my queue I simply may have not started your piece yet. I tend to finish simple pieces the same day I start them, and more complex projects like ref sheets and full scenes can take 3-4 days from when I start them.☁ When commissioning me, please provide specific references and feedback during the course of the commission. (i.e., if you say you want your characters "in front of a shop" and do not provide me with a reference, I will not re-paint an entire background). Art will not be edited after you have accepted the final version of the piece.☁ I will provide 3 small tweaks and edits to your piece before charging for further edits.☁ I will provide progress checks at the sketch stage and the flat color stage. If I don't hear back from you after 24 hours, I will continue working on the piece regardless.☁ I will draw almost any kind of character, and I will depict gore, NSFW, etc. I am willing to draw almost anything, but please keep in mind that my expertise may be limited in some of these areas. If I feel I need to do practice studies for something you are requesting, I will inform you - this will lengthen your turnaround time somewhat.☁ I will not draw anything racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, or similar. I reserve the right to decline a commission request if it makes me uncomfortable.☁ I will not provide refunds except for in the case of being unable to finish your commission, at which point I will let you know. If you make me uncomfortable during the commission process, I may choose to drop the piece and refund you in full.IMAGE USAGE:
☁ You have rights to your commissioned image for personal use. Please feel free to repost on any social media, including use of an icon/header, but provide credit by way of any of my socials (dawnsnail_art on Instagram or gummifrog on preferred).
☁ Commercial use of your commissioned images, such as printing and selling, using as a business logo, or any other purpose is not allowed unless we have discussed it.☁ You may not claim my work as your own.☁ You or any subsequent owners of the commissioned image may choose to crop, place full-image filters on, change text, etc. However, the owner of the commissioned image may not paint or draw over, change colors, add lines or elements, or otherwise transform the artistic elements of the piece. This includes tracing my linework and re-coloring, unless you have commissioned a base.☁ None of my artwork may be used for NFTs, or be minted or used for anything involving crypto-currency or the block chain, even if you commissioned the piece.DESIGN TOS:
☁ You may utilize my designs however you wish, for roleplay, art, writing, etc. This includes if you create and sell work depicting your design where the art is fully yours. You may also redesign as long as inspiration from the original design is still clear.
☁ You may convert any design I make into any closed species without limitation.☁ If you upload your design to, please credit me @gummifrog.☁ You may sell, trade, or gift your design without notifying me. If you are selling the design for more than you paid for it, please make this clear when listing it for sale.☁ I reserve the right to keep or resell any custom designs that have been rejected after the piece is completed.